What every woman wants in a Man

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Will men ever understand women? Yes, but it may take the Creator of the universe to reveal the secret.

Author A. L. Fiascanaro pens a profound short story in this classic best-seller revealing the secretto what every woman wants in a man. Now revised and expanded, this little book takes readers on a journey back into the lives of Barney and Clara Barney, a successful businessman and abundant provider and Clara, his beautiful wife. They have all the trappings of a successful marriage, but their relationship is falling apart. It takes a close friend to shake them up by revealing the secret to lasting love from an unexpected source – the Bible.

Barney discovers what his wife wants is simple: to be truly loved and appreciated for who she is. Ephesians 5:28 captures this secret when it reminds us that a man is really doing himself a favor and loving himself when he loves his wife.

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