Barker, Anita

The Way Out

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There are more prisons than just those run as correctional institutions. Behind our well-polished exteriors, we can be imprisoned, trapped in bondages such as fear, anxiety attacks, phobias, suicidal thoughts, bitterness,occultism, perverted sex and abuse of various kinds. But there is freedom.
With humour and many personal experiences and testimonies, the author shares how to find freedom in one area after another.

This volume is a self-help book from a Christian perspective.

A comment about the book:

This is Good News to a sick and broken world! Anita Barker has poured herself into seeing the love of God redeeming people’s damaged lives. It will build your faith and encourage your hope in God’s great ability to restore the years that seem to have been ruined. Anita speaks powerfully from her own experience and her vulnerability makes this message even more accessible to ordinary people. It is not a message that comes from an ivory tower but rather with an arm around the shoulder. Like Jesus, here is someone who can identify with our weaknesses. I have watched Anita in action and can verify the change that has come into people’s lives because of her ministry…

Dave Richards, Salt & Light Ministries, Basingstoke, England

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