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Introduction to PDF files

1. Illustrated Bible teaching

This teaching from the entire Bible– from Genesis to the Revelation – has been developed over the course of several years for Bible training in Bible Schools in Japan. The teaching is in English but with some Japanese inserted in the text. Most of the teaching is from my own studies but some  content has been collected from sources and commentaries listed below – and  adapted to my subjects.

    Jesus said to his disciples: ”Freely you received, freely give.”

     These teachings and illustrations may be downloaded and presented by an OH-projector or other means and used freely in Bible Schools and elsewhere.

      Sources and commentaries that have been used:

      The New Chain Reference Bible, Thomson, B.B Kirkbride Bible Co, © Inc 1964, The Scofield Reference Bible, Oxford University Press, © London 1945. The Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible, Dake Bible Sales, © Inc 1961, Halley’s Bible Handbook, Zondervan © 1965.

PDF of Illustrated Bible teaching:

1. PDF  Part I: Illustrated  Bible teaching Old Testament.pdf

2. PDF Part II: Illustrated  Bible teaching New Testament.pdf

3. PDF Part III: Illustrated Bible teaching Revelation.pdf

Other topics from the Bible

4. ”The footsteps of Christ” is a an illustrated survey of the wanderings of Jesus in Judea and Galilee during the three and a half years of His Public Ministry.

    Footsteps of Christ.pdf

5. ”Gospel harmony” is a  harmonic blend of the four Gospels with assumptions of dates, places and sequence of events.

     The Gospels of     Matthew and John are used as the first text in these outlines of Jesus’  Public Ministry with a suggested chronology.

In this survey it can be noted that Christ prophesied 12 times about ”the cross” – His death to reconcile the world. His enemies tried to put Him to death eleven times and they succeeded on the twelfth time.

     Gospel harmony.pdf

6. Archaelogical discoveries that confirm the Bible:

If these become silent, the stones will cry out, is one of Jesus’ winged words.

     This prediction has received an unprecedented acknowledgement by archaeological findings that confirm the Bible’s historical descriptions.

      The authenticity of the Bible’s statements has been strongly challenged by the influx of Biblical criticism which has had a growing influence from the mid 1800’s to the present day. Much of the Bible’s content was doubted and rejected. Genesis creation doctrine and how the Earth was populated are explained as myths. It was claimed that Moses never had been able to write, and they even went so far as to doubt that a city such as Nineveh and the Assyrian empire ever had existed.

    Then, almost simultaneously when the Bible’s testimony was presented as myths and fairy tales, ”the stones began to cry”. One archaeological discovery after another confirmed the truth of the Bible’s description of history.

    Archaelogical discoveries.pdf

7. Jerusalem – The city of the Great King.

Jerusalem – the earth’s belly button! Why is Jerusalem called ”The Holy City”? What makes it so special? Why is Jerusalem so often the focus of media? It has become something of the worlds political belly button – a city that attracts all the world’s attention to itself and often is the subject of heated political debates.

      This essay highlights the role of Jerusalem from an eschatological perspective.  Jerusalem.pdf

8. Bible Chronology.

Many chronologies of the Bible have been drawn up but with different results. One of the most famous is Archbishop Usher’s chronology from the 1600’s, which has been recorded in ’The King James Version of the Bible’. According to him the time from Adam to Christ was 4004 years. In this examination of the timetables that are recorded in the Bible, the result will add up differently.

     Bible Chronology.pdf

9. ”Seven dragonheads”

      ”And another sign appeared in heaven, and behold, a great dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads seven crowns…  And when the dragon saw that he was thrown down to the earth, he persecuted the woman (Israel) who gave birth to the male child. Rev 12:3; 13

    – Seven dragonheads – seven World Empires that persecutes Israel: 1.The Egyptian Empire 2.The Assyrian Empire 3.The Babylonian Empire 4.The Medo-Persian Empire 5.The Greek Empire 6.The Roman Empire 7. The Empire of Antichrist I (The little horn between the 10 horns) 7B. The Empire of Antichrist II (The little horn – became larger than its associates) Conclusion. Antichrist’s covenant with Israel for seven years.

    Seven World Empires.pdf

10. Picture gallery of the book of Daniel:

11. Picture Gallery John at Patmos:

12. King´Kids on the move:

     – The story about the first Jewish prisoner convoy and the adventures of the Prophet Daniel and his friends during the march from Jerusalem to Babylon 605 B.C.

Preface  Having had the opportunity and privilege to read through Nils Ibstedt’s manuscript it is a joy to conclude that the text as well as the pictures he has produced throughout are of very high quality.

    The language is simple and fluent, and the content shows a good teaching ability in that he is able to blend into the story a multitude of historical facts. The biblical history becomes accessible in the manuscript, coming alive as it does in the account of Daniel’s and his friends’ journey to Babylon and their stay there.

     The manuscript also provides a good survey of the contemporary secular history, who the rulers were, their historical standing and significance at the various times. Also who were the contemporary prophets active at the time and well known from the Bible. This is in my view an excellent piece of work that Ibstedt has produced.

Alf Lindberg, Doctor of Divinity, Tranås, Sweden

      PDF of the entire book:

King´s Kids on the move.pdf

Picture gallery of King kid's I & II.pdf

    PDF of color-illustrations:

The second volume: ”King´s Kids in Babylon” – in Swedish: ”Kungasönerna i Babylon” – is not translated to English. After downloading the Swedish edition it can be translated using www.translate.google.com 


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